who is raebird?

Well, to explain that, first I have to introduce you to my Mindybean. She’s been my best friend since the time I invited myself to stay the night at her place twenty-five years ago. We didn’t know each other well yet (we’d just met at design school) so she hid all her jewelry as a precaution that night! By the end of the evening she decided I was alright and we’ve been besties ever since. She loves to tell that story!

Mindy has called me Raebird for years, and to be honest, I have no idea how she came up with that nickname! Neither does she, for that matter, but it stuck and here we are. I’m a Raebird!

Isn’t her handwriting awesome?!

Mindy and I both have a deep and abiding love for good design and even better organization. We have often reminisced about the Fourth of July we spent reorganizing and cleaning my basement in Indiana. It was too hot to go outside, so we spent the day in the cool basement sorting, labeling, and drinking white wine. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing day?! No? Well, that’s why you need me. I live for that stuff!

What’s better than a freshly purged, color-coded, dust-bunny free closet? Mindy would agree with me, NOTHING! Taking piles of unworn clothing out to the car for a trip to the donation drop-box is like letting go of old resentments. Those jeans didn’t love you anyway! You can do better! Matching hangers are like uniformed soldiers in the Good Works Army, lined up and doing their duty to maintain order. Baskets, and shelving, and shoe racks- yes, please- all filled with goodies and accessories!

Oh my goodness, I got so excited about organizing a closet I started to rhyme! Mindy would approve.

‘Til next time, thanks for stopping by Raebird’s House!

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