raeanne fabricant

Interior Designer

Raeanne has used her many creative talents to help others enrich their lives through good design. She creates beautiful, efficient, livable spaces that genuinely express the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Rae, as she’s usually called, is deeply committed to the creative process and keeps up on trends in fashion, beauty, art, and food. She’s also a culinary maven, having owned her own catering company, Wanna Feed Ya, where she taught cooking classes to people of all ages and catered intimate events. She is a firm believer in the practice of Hospitality (with a capital H!) and treating everyone like they’re family. Rae is a proud mother of two boys, loves to dance, and is a sci-fi movie fan. She can be found most evenings snuggled up on the sofa with her dog, Charlie, next to her. Drop her a line and you’re sure to make a new friend!

i found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn’t say any other way-things i had no words for.

georgia o’keeffe